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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  August 9, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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meteorologist steve fertig is get a look at the work weather. beautiful weekend. >> we find out how long the ta tax-free time is going to last. >> all week. >> the heat and humidity is going to be climbing but by mid week it's going to be oppressive. 76 degrees in baltimore. 75 degreessin d.c. 70 in salisbury. i mean incredible in terms of the heat. that is what is returning. with it comes the chance of showers and thunderstorms in the week. we will talk about it later. sky hd radar not showing up a whole lot. any activity should stay to north. look at temperatures climb mostly to the north, partly cloudy skies up to 88 by noon. topping around 93 degrees at about 3 to 5:00 this afternoon evening and 90 degrees at 6:00 p.m. with partly cloudy skies. let's check on the roadways and
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see what the commute looks like. here is the commute with lauren cooke. >> reporter: if you are traveling in dundalk you want to shutdown for a serious accident. and if you want to stick with the graham terrace for the alternate route. skiing miles per hou66 miles pes going to be clear. taking a live look at 95 north of 195. you can see the cars are moving along both the northbound ann southbound lanes just fine. if you're traveling along the souuhbound lanes you're looking at a 6-minute ride from the beltway to route 100 with a high-speed of 60 miles per hour. from route 100 to route 32, you're looking at a 4-minute trip with afternoon average tritt from 795 to 95, you're looking at an 11-minute trip with an average speed of 55 miles per hour. that's the traffic report.
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>> 5:31 fox 45 early edition. a police officer shoots and kills a dog at a dog park. they will find out today whether the officer will face charges. megan gilliland and why witnesses say he fired his weapon unnecessarily. >> reporter: good morning parks tris. thipatrice. >> reporter: this is bear, bear shot killed by an officer. bear's owner says that he and the officer's german shepherd started fighting, ut the officer claims that bear ear was tacking his dog and that his wife felt threatened. >> my dog wasn't ripping the flesh off of his animal. my dog wasn't ripping the flesh off of his dog. at what point does it become a situation where you discharge a firearm into my animal. >> reporter: fran leopold askd
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for the investigation and in the meantime the officer is on administrative leave but police are not releasing the officer's name. megan gilliland. it happened after 3:30 this morning after 7 plefn. polic7 plefn. 711, police say one person was injured. it happened early yesterday3 morning on westland veil street near north stricker street. neighbors say flames were shooting from the second home of the row home. adults weren't able to get out but 3 years old man child farley were trapped inside. his grandfather tried to save them so did fire figh firefightt none of them ould reach the child. >>the chil mother came screamin.
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it's going to be a long, hard road. they loved that little boy. we all get over everything but this is going to be very tough on them. >> family members believe that old air-conditioning unit was the cause of the fire. there were no smoke detectors working in the home and they remind people that the department offers free aaarms to anyone who needs them. a driver plows into a family leaving a church killing two family members and edging another. the 62 years old driver was trying to park her suv, instead the car accelerated, hit two cars and plowed into the group standing by the side of the road outside of the church. 64 years old patricia mallow were skilled. 89-year-old marion deros, was taken to shock trauma. pplice say no charges have been
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filed against the driver. an investigation is underway to determine what caused the crash that left one woman dead and three others hurt. policeesay a 63-year-old woman was driving home from work yesterday morning when she ran off of the road at russet green west and mere crossing in laurel. she reportedly hit a light poll and rolled a car into the family of four that was out for a morning bike ride. >> they were actually sitting on the binges. apparently it looks like they were taking a break. its the car laid on the family's bikes remained on tte road while police completed their investigation. the driver died at the hospital. three of the family members are in serious condition. iivestigators say the woman was driving home from their overnight job and they're looking at whether fatigue played a role in the crash. police make an arrest if a crime wave in the fells point neighborhood. 21 years old leonard copeland was arrested and charge with
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robbery, assault and theft. there's been a series of recent attacks in the fells point area. copeland is responsible for one last week on lombard street. fell points residents are being ville lant ovigilant about the e but they are not hiding. >> the more ikeep my eyes open late at night, the better it is for us. >> reporter: police are increasing patrol in the area. copeland is being held on a $250,000 bail. commissioner fred bealefeld put up this sign supporting craig burn steen for city state attorney in his front yard. the state attorney is challenging patricia jes jessame blasting bellfiel bell bealefel. he is not making his stand in
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any political capacity just as a private si citizen. >> i cannot and will not comment in my official capacity as -olice commissioner. as long as i stand before you doing the city's business and doing the police department's business i have no comment to make about it? >> bealefeld says that the city needs true partner in the office. >> they are supporting fred bettebernstein joins us on in te studio to take a look at the controversy. is the 6% saving really worth it. retailers at whitemarsh think so and that is where joel d smith is live this morning finding out. >> reporter: it's already begun and it goes through saturday. they got the signs up everywhere. they're pretty excited about this. it's a bit of a buzz like black
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friday. they opened a few more hours, -ome to deal with customers and some to get ready for today. this brings us ooer here to lisa. we have a lot of stores. how many stores have something you can buy. %-would apply, a testimonies for clothing and shoes and anything you can get as many items as you want as long as they're under $100. >> reporter: each, as long as you buy something at $99. >> the stores have been really savvy to make sure that they have for the customers dollars and they have iiems over $100. they have discounted those or are offering special promotions that will bring it under thee3 $100 threshold. >> reporter: how do make sure you take advantage of what is going on this week. >> we have been planning for the event. it's been a long time ince the stax hatax-free shopping.
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it's been something that has been in the planning for a long time. we have really been looking guard tforward to it. >> reporter: it's been working for them. the reason it hasn't been around. politians don't like it. it does cost the state some money. the amount $9 million. it was approved in 2007, and they thought that the economy would have turned around, it hasn't yet, but the shoppers are getting their savings on this -ime. >> you can buy any clothing or shoe item, correct. >> reporter: shoes, clothing as long as they cost under $100. let's say something cost $120 last week. these guys want you to buy that, and a lot of places are bringing that down to $99 so you're saving that 26% on top of that. so the savings is more than 6% already. >> a good week to go shopping whether you need clothes or not.
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a workout for dogs and their ownerss ú%> it gives me the ability with ramie to come out and do cardioand for her to become in tune with my ability. >> how man and man's best friend are learning the obedience to shed' few pounds. any degrees, heat
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>>welcome back. 5:42 on this monday morning. dry conditions out there right now. humidity will be picking up a little bit today but no rain expected on this day. most of the activity as far as rain is concerned, just stays to the north as it moves out of the midwest. we won't be talking about rain this week but we will later this week. mostly cloudy skies and the winds are calm. 85% relative humidity. the barometer is rising so high pressure doing its things..3 71 is the bu point, that means it will be a humid day. d.c., close to the same at 75..3 and the area of dew points in the 70s through much of the central parts of the state in the eastern shore. to the west, a little bit less,
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humid there. but the frontal boundary staying to the north as you see, keeping showers over a reg o ridge of hh pressure and remaining out of the way keeping an eye on the low pressure center which could have tropical characteristics as it moves into the gulf of mexico. up to the north and west, that won't be bringing us a better chance of showers and thunderstorms as we get into late wednesday and into your thursday as well. meanwhile, the jet stream is going to steer to the north. that is what is going to bring lot of heat to the eastern 2 thirds of the u.s. as we get a lot of heat and humid air is back. take a look at what we can expect for the high temperatures. ú%stern shore, mostly clear skies, southeast winds at 5-10 miles per hour. the central part of he state should climb to 83 degrees,,we will get there to about 3 or 4:00. southwest winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. back to the west we go, mostly clear skies.
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there's a code orange because of the chance of ozone levels for elevated quite a bit if you have respiratory problems. you want to stay indoors longer and outdoors longer. a warm and humid night and then after 93 today, how about 97 tomorrow and the humidity is still climbing. 95 degrees on wednesday, in comes the front. thunderstorm chances late on wednesday and 92 for thursday and 90 for friday, saturday and sunday, produce an isolated chance of a shower and thunderstorm for friday and saturday. here is a look at lauren qook with trafficookewith the traffi. >> reporter: we do have an accidenn in the dundalk area that shutdown north point road. you want to stick with march mae terrace. we're looking at a 66 miles per hour as we make our way from the 43 to the beltway.
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high-speed is clocking in, 57 miles per hour at harford road. as we take a look at, no problems to report, it should be a nice easy ride as you are traveling along the inner loop as you makeethe push toward towson.ú looking at a high 58 miles per hour at liierty road, it should be an easy drive traveling along the inner loop lanes. if you're trafulling the expressway, 55 miles per hour traveling along the southbound at warren road. it's a wide open. it should be a nice easy ride as you make the push toward the beltway. the jfx is clear so there's no problems to report from 695 to east fayette street. grand prix preparations are underway. be aware that two lanes of pratt street will be shutdown between calvert street and green street. that is your traffic edge reeort. patrice,,back to you. thank you, lauren. 5:45 still ahead.
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saturday's practice at m and t stadium was a good tune up for the ravens as they prepare for a thurrday night preseason opener. get team reaction to kicking off the preseason coming up in sports. it gives meethe ability with ramie to come out and get card
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>>foo million american adults are obese. ú%d obesity is on the rise for pets, too. that is why one dog trainer started a workout class for man and man's best friend. we are taken to the city where dogs and their owners are losing the obedience of losing weight. >> reporter: this may look like your average workout but this early weekday morning boot camp is not just for humans. evvryone in harmony, burning calories, syste stimulating ther fit.s and body white getting unareing the class the human shopper. >> good girl..3 >> reporter: before the jumping and speer value intervat trying to connect with our pet. for some it works, and for the
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next hour we run 8, jump hurdles and push the limit. >> if the dog needs a break, that's okay, 90 seconds. >> reporter: all while bonding with our furry friends. >> let's get a little bit of cardio, a little bet of strength, a lot of mental focus. >> reporter: it's a fit dog and the class is designed for you and your furry friend. instead of feeling guilty for leaving him at home, here you ú%t fit and you get fit for free. >> we love being healthy and active. this is the perfect marriage of the two thiigs that are mmst important to us. >> reporter: mind doesn't like to focus. others have had a few issues. before you say that your little one isn't fit for this class, think again. >> you get dogs that you think will be too hyper or would fight. and they get here and it's the mental focus. they have to pay attention.
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they're well behaved and they tend to get along. i have never had any problems. >> reporter: well, nothing major. >> no, no. >> reporter: i mean what other trainer can say their class members haughty on the workout tools and he is not the only one. >> i will have a random dog come up and the pee on the cone. >> reporter: maybe enzo put himself in ttme out while the tainted cone was replaced. >> you get socialization with other dogs and i do see an improvement in her behavior as far as listening to me. >> it gives me the ability to bring ramie and do some cardioand be more in tune with what we're doing. >> reporter: ramie was in tune with what the owner was doing. the only dog not working is the instructor meet her dog lexi, takes the time to turn this blanket into a giant pillow.
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>> just doesn't necessarily want to do the whhle class. >> reporter: this proves to be a good class for any human, any animal, any fitness level. >> we have to do that again. coming up later on fox 45 morning news, a date night gone horribly and hire al little hil. >> what to expect from the tina fay movie being released. what [ male announcer ] it's sunday afternoon.
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we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. good morning, everybody. here is your fist look at sports. when you talk to pro football players about training camp, the words grind and boring are often heard especially the early stages of camp when all they do is run drills and crim age against each other. when the preseason starts, that starts to change. after almost three weeks of banging into each other. the ravens will get a chance to bang on some guys on different colored jerseys. the national t.v. audience will be looking ats the ravens play host to the carolina panthers. according to the ravens it couldn't have happened soon enough. everything seems like all
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day. we will continue to work and we are looking forward to it. we're kind of tired of beating each up an other up, we want tot out there with other guys. >> it's going to be a good atmosphere. >>we will be ready to go thursday night. we will see how much they play. on saturday, the ravens held the first non-scrimmage practice in the stadium since 1996. the fans turned out in impressive numbers inus under 1. steve bushodi added. >> steve came out on the field and he said this is a tradition. we were doing it, becauue it was so good. it's great for the team to get out the field but it's so good for the fans. you really did, you saw a lot of fans that you hadn't seen in westminister that hadn't been out there.
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that's what we want to be about as an organization. we want to be a family. we want people to feel like they're a part of the ravens. a question for the show walter, what have you done with our baseball team, the lub with worst baseball team. that club is 5 in one. bottom of the second, no score, mark bailey, and deposits it on the right field. and the orioles take a 1-0 lead. top of the 5th, the same score, alex ris rioo and the gas tied at 1. bottom of the 6th, the o's answered nick markakis, sends one deep in the other center. it's going to be off the base of the wall. corey patterson faces off 3rd. orioles take a 2-1 lead on the 38 double of the year by
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markakis. again, off the base of the wall. the markakis flies around 3rd. he will score, wiggy flies into second with an rbi double. the top of the 8th, 4-1 orioles. rios with a rocket toward shores. ivan stop. gets up, fires across the diamond for the out, what a play by the former glove winner. later in the inning, guthrie is cruising. carlos quentin and the inning. 4 gught 33. th4 for guthrie.ramon castro tho cut the oriole lead 4-3 and buck show waater doesn't like that one bit. too batters later. is isimon. the orioles beat the white sox, earning the 5th win in the 6 games with the orioles.
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>> it's not like these guys haven't pitched weel this year. they want to keep the quality starts going. >> i'm okay with that. >> it's good to have the momentum going for the team the starting pitching group has had a nice little run here. it's our responsibility and hopefully we can do it more times than not. >> i got the edge. that's one also and we got the -- so it's great to bbeak in today and i enjoyed today and tomorrow we will do it again. >> orioles and white sox close it out tonight at camden yard. bruce cunningham fox 45 morning news. coming up in the 6:00 hour, he has got the support of the police commissioner. we talk to city state attorney bernstein about his run or office. a police officer shots and kills a dog at a dog park but will the officer be charged?
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i will tell you what will happen on the case today. >> reeorter: preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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